Workshop on Stress

4-minute Stress Buster Workshop

One Hour Workshop on How to Reduce Stress without Stressing An Unparalleled Training Program to Decisively Reduce Stress at Zero Cost
Don’t Pay Anything if it doesn’t Reduce Your Stress


To increase Awareness/ Identify Stress and its effects on our lives, and learn Practical Techniques for Reducing Stress.

You will Learn

  • What, Why, How (effects), etc. of Stress
  • Identifying Stress and Stressors - Awareness
  • Stress Coping Skills, - Reduce Anxiety and Anger at WILL
  • Strategies to Develop Resilience to Stress

. . . and Explore

  • Stress – Body - Mind Dynamics
  • Stress – Breathing Interaction
  • Stress – Sex Kinetics

A Few Benefits

There are numerous benefits of reducing stress, it will bring about comprehensive improvement in your health.

  • Family and Friends will Notice a ‘Happier You’,
  • Enhanced Work Productivity
  • Improved Libido and Joyful Sex life
  • Reduced Anxiety, Anger, Fatigue, Exhaustion
  • Improved Sleep and Mental Acuity
  • Improved Family and Social Relations...and many more

First Workshop: Feb 25th, 2023 on Saturday at 12:00pm

Successive Workshops will be held at alternative Saturday at 12:00pm EST

A booklet on stress will be supplied to all registered participants.

Return Policy: There is no return policy, only happiness policy. You can get your money back just by filing a refund, no ifs and buts.

Price: $69

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