Yogic Breathing

Yogic Breathing - an agent of change

A potent instrument of transformation The Science and Technology of the Vital Life Force

What people say

“I can focus better now”
“Never thought (that) I did not know proper (diaphragmatic) breathing”
“I was surprised to learn the practical utility”


To create and maintain harmony between the gross, subtle and causal bodies that correspond to the physical, psychic and spiritual bodies respectively for holistic wellbeing.


You will Learn

  • The basics of Yogic Breathing – awareness and location
  • Yogic Breathing techniques to reduce Stress and Anxiety
  • Prana versus Respiration
  • Importance and reference of Prana in Scriptures
  • Important attributes of Breath
  • Respiration vs Deep breathing vs Yogic Breathing
  • Identify the four essential Phases of Breathing cycle
  • Learn and Practice basic Yogic Breathing techniques
  • Mudras and Bandhas as related to Yogic Breathing
  • Introduction to Kriyas – Agni Sara & Trataka
  • Introduction to various types of Prana Vayus and Swara Yoga

You will explore

  • Body - Breath - Mind Synergy
  • Emotions - Breathing Dynamics
  • Sexual Performance - Breath Interaction
  • Breath - Meditation link

A Few Benefits

Yogic Breathing is the Simplest, Natural, Inexpensive and Effective Tool to Improve your overall Well Being.

  • Rejuvenate and Re-energize
  • Deep, slow, uniform and rhythmic breathing
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Oxygen content in Blood
  • Respiratory & Heart rates
  • and stabilized Blood Pressure
  • Control over emotions, anger & panic
  • Focus and concentration
  • Experience peace, inner harmony and quietude
  • Facilitate overall relaxation

Yogic Breathing course of 13 Sessions - Starting Feb 25th, 2023 at 10:30am - $489 Only
Stress workshop on Feb 25th, Saturday at 12:00pm - $69 Only
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